Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Contract deals from Vodacom, MTN and Cell C

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone sports a clamshell folding design, as opposed to the Galaxy Fold, which folded out into a tablet form factor. This clamshell design results in the device being very small when folded, and in this form factor, it is used primarily to check for notifications and display other important information.

Samsung also implemented its “Infinity Flex Display” technology on the Galaxy Z Flip – a major improvement on the plastic displays used on the Galaxy Fold.

Contract prices for the Z Flip are below. Contracts are for 24 months unless stated otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
DealDataMinutesSMSExtrasPrice pm
Smart Data 1GB (36 months)1GB752520GB once-offR999
Smart Data 2GB (36 months)2GB1502520GB once-offR1,099
Smart S + (36 months)650MB20020020GB once-offR1,029
Smart Top Up M + (36 months)900MB40040020GB once-offR1,209
Red Select + (36 months)2GB800Unlimited5GB x 24 monthsR1,619
Red Classic + (36 months)4GB1,200Unlimited10GB x 24 monthsR1,919
Red Premium + (36 months)10GBUnlimitedUnlimited20GB x 24 monthsR2,319
Red Classic +4GB1,200Unlimited10GB x 24 monthsR2,429
Red VIP + (36 months)20GBUnlimitedUnlimited30GB x 24 monthsR2,619
DealDataMinutesSMSPrice pm
MTN Made for Me Extra Small500MB + 500MB5050R1,499
MTN Made for Me Small1GB + 1GB100100R1,599
MTN Made for Me Medium1.5GB + 1.5GB200150R1,699
MTN Made for Me Large2.5GB + 2.5GB300250R1,849
MTN Made for Me Extra Large5.5GB + 5.5GB500400R2,099
MTN Sky15GB + 15GBUnlimitedUnlimitedR2,399
MTN Sky VIP25GB + 25GBUnlimitedUnlimitedR2,899
MTN Sky BlackUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedR3,399
Cell C
DealDataMinutesSMSExtrasPrice pm
Pinnacle 5GB/5GB TopUp3GB + 2GB180500360 on-network minutes, 30GB once-offR1,499
Pinnacle 10GB/10GB TopUp5GB + 3GB4001,000800 on-network minutes, 30GB once-offR1,759
Pinnacle 15GB/15GB TopUp10GB + 5GB1,0001,0001,000 on-network minutesR1,899
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